[NEW BLOG] RED: Off The Road With Mike

I've been pretty busy since we got off the Winter Jam Tour. Catching up with Family and Friends, running around the house to do the work I haven't done in three months…Ha! My focus continues to be on upcoming shows though. I've been emailing back and forth with the guys about plans for the headlining dates and Hinder shows coming up. We are really excited about what is in store for you. I've been running and biking like a mad man to get my energy to a mind blowing level! My goal as a vocalist is to continue to grow as a singer but also do things that people think can't be done. For example: screaming and running at the same time, which can be done. Trust me :)

Lately, I've really been into this TV series called Castle. It's one of my favorites. Castle has this really lighthearted feel for a cop show. It is also written from the perspective of a novel writer, which is very cool. The character interaction and dialogue are incredible.

The other thing I'm excited about is the upcoming video for “Feed The Machine,” which will include you, the fans. I love how we, in RED, are able to include you, the fans, in really cool ways such as this. “Feed The Machine” is going to be our most intense video to date and will explode off the screen when you see it. Be sure to check the upcoming dates and venues we are playing this month and we will see you out on the road. Remember to remain Faceless!

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